What first attracted us to Lincoln Reds?

Imagining that they were a rare breed, I thought I was doing my bit for conservation when, in the late 80’s, Rob and I bought our first pair of unregistered Lincoln Reds. Only to find, a year or two later, that there was a whole Society dedicated to the Lincoln Red. By this time of course I was well and truly hooked on the Lincoln Red not just as a breeding animal but as fantastic beef as well. I found and still find, the Lincoln to be generally docile to the point of laid back, quiet tempered with a pleasant disposition, hang on a minute, I think I’m describing my husband Rob as well.

Now, as a Past President, a Life Vice-President and still active member of the Lincoln Red Cattle Society, I can assure you that I am totally bias toward this wonderful breed.
That does not mean that I kept them as a conservationist, in fact quite the opposite they have to pay for themselves. If you want a breed of cattle that are profitable, easy to care for, with good almost self-maintaining feet then look no further.

What started as extra cattle to our continental cross herd changed our thinking of native breeds. Gradually we reduced the continentals and increased the Lincoln Reds until we were entirely a pedigree herd. No blood lines of our original unregistered stock remain.

Our farm is on a Natural England Higher Level Scheme. All our cattle were Naturally Reared. We milled our own ration mix and we only administered antibiotics when absolutely necessary.

Old age calls and our herd has recently been dispersed, but we have enjoyed breeding such wonderful animals. We certainly intend to remain active within the Society to promote the breed.

TB testing is 4 yearly and our herd tested TB clear in December 2015.

For many years we have tested sale stock, upon request,for Bovine Viral Disease (BVD), Johnes, Leptospirosis and Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), all have tested clear.
The Ancona herd, the first Lincoln Red herd to receive Elite Accreditation, bought Fenlady heifers as their foundation stock.

Our stock have been easy calving and our calving records show that during the last 250+ births we have only had to give minimal assistance to 6 cows in total, giving reduced calving costs.


Now available, from Border Fine Arts, is a super figurine of a Lincoln Red cow and calf. We were so pleased when a Fenlady cow and her calf were chosen as models for the figurine. Go to Grays of Shenstone to find the link.