Although we have managed to sell all our stock privately this past few years, some Fenlady bloodlines have appeared in the sale ring. They always seem to command a good price. Recently a Fenlady offspring sold for the second highest price of all the females at the sale. This years calves are now 3 to 4 months old, and already they are all reserved.

The majority of our young stock are sold privately, never needing to be at the sales. Occasionally we hold some back to see if our prices were fair for our customers.

For the 2012 Spring Sale we entered 2 heifers for the Show and Sale at Newark.
Fenlady Eleanor P42 and Fenlady Eleanor P52. Both had been blood tested and are clear of BVD, IBR, Lepto and Johnes. I’m pleased to report that we won our class for maiden heifers born in 2011. There were 12, 2011 born, heifers forward for sale and our heifers took 2nd highest and 4th highest prices. Overall we were above the average for all maiden heifers.

Fenlady Damsel N36 and Fenlady Eleanor N29 were entered for the 2011 Autumn sale at Newark.
With 47 Maiden heifers available on the day, I’m pleased to report that Damsel, who came 1st in her class, made the 2nd highest price for maiden heifers, only just topped by the junior champion, and that Eleanor, who came 2nd to Damsel in her class, made the 3rd highest price for maiden heifers. Overall a good exercise, proving that we do indeed have quality stock for sale.