Welcome to the Fenlady Herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle.

On the Fens of south Lincolnshire you will find the home of The Fenlady Herd. The Bettinson family have farmed here at Highfield for over 100 years. Indeed Lincoln Red cattle were kept on the farm in those far off days. Come forward to the present generation and you will find Lincoln Red cattle grazing the pastures once again. The Pedigree herd was formed in 1995. There were unregistered Lincoln Red cattle on the farm prior to this, although no blood lines of these cattle remain. The prefix Fenlady is following a family tradition. The Bettinson family were renown breeders of Hackneys, not just in the U.K., but also as exporters to the U.S.A. Their prefix was Fleetlady, as the horses were bred in and around Fleet Fen in south Lincolnshire. As the cattle are now in Whaplode Fen, and Whaplode is cumbersome, it was decided to name the herd Fenlady.

Lincoln Red cattle, although the native breed of Lincolnshire, are found all around the world. Known for their quiet docile manner, this is an easy-care breed producing quality offspring for breeding, showing and marketing.